Six Coaching Legends on How to keep winning

Thinking ahead for the retirement may seem very convoluted, but good planning and a sound strategy can make the ripe old age enjoyable and effortless. We’ve asked six coaching legends, from Mike Ditka to Joe Torre, to share with us their secrets to a great retirement.

Joe Torre, 74

Rather than just taking the easy route and lounging at home, Joe went back to the workforce and is now the chief Baseball Officer for the MLB. He is in charge of overseeing practically everything that’s going on in the lives of baseball players, on and off the pitch.

Bill Cowher, 57

When Bill hit 50, he threw in the towel and decided that family is the number one priority in his life. Other than appearances at CBS as a studio analyst, Bill also invests in municipal bonds, always following Warren Buffet’s rule: “Never lose money”.

Tony Dungy, 59

When he retired, Tony became a Good Samaritan and now spends most of his days doing charity work. This includes Big Brother/Sister. Tony is also an author of many self-help books, the latest one being focused on marriage.

Nancy Lieberman, 56

She plans to never retire. Nancy is currently employed as assistant general manager in the NBA and has a side gig working as a TV analyst. Nancy helped build 13 sports courts in poor communities.

Lenny Wilkens, 77

Lenny traveled the world as a retiree and even then found a job, working as a sports consultant for the South Korea national team. Lenny also set up a charitable foundation that aims to help children with health care and education.

Mike Ditka, 75

Mike used his experience from the pitch and went into retirement working as a pitchman and investor. Mike now enjoys golfing and doing charity work. Mike’s most important advice is – don’t go into debt.

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