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    Everybody loves to talk about videos online if they recorded them on their own or found them online. Twitter users especially care to do their sharing via cell phone. Everyone can easily share videos on Twitter by making use of some great tools that actually work from their computers or mobile phones.

    Without the help of Twitter apps, you’ll be able to tweet the Hyperlink to a relevant video, but this option has its limitations. There are many Twitter tools that really help you share videos easily and efficiently.

    It’s easy to download videos from Twitter, provided there is an right tools to give, you may be with a desktop, phone or tablet.

    If you see a photo online that you might want to save, it is not difficult enough to take action — all it takes is a quick right click and you’re good to go. This method also works on Twitter (although everything is more complicated for posts which include multiple images) but you’ll want to please take a different approach when it comes to saving videos.

    You’ll find so many reasons why you might want to download videos from Twitter, and the way you are going about it depends a lot on whether you are using the desktop or mobile type of the service.

    If you are a desktop Twitter user (that is, someone accessing the site by using a web browser in Windows, macOS or Linux) there are various online tools you can use to download videos from Twitter.

    A number of these tools could also be used on iPhone and Android mobile devices, however you may be better served by a dedicated video downloading app.

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