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    Kenek’s voice interrupts my reverie, just finished the seminar and I’m a little tired I’m getting ready to go to Yogya; I usually take the Nusantara or Ramayana bus directly to Yogya and stop on the ring road to the house of my family, where my parents and sister live. But now that I have other intentions, I will kidnap Mela, whom she always blames and harasses me. It’s been over a month now and I’m always playing online to be able to read his writings or see his highlighted pictures.

    So the bus stopped at the Ringroad but I also went straight to Solo Street, to the hotel it was a five star, and actually, secretly took my photo and said the name of the hotel.

    The hotel where he worked stood right next to mine. After I arrived at the hotel, I came to the hotel. By late afternoon, I know that Mila will have to return, so her plans will be implemented tomorrow. From the hotel, I took cerita dewasa a taxi to the Alfa and bought some white rope watch reels. Also a box of cheap candles. Of course, quite sharp scissors, do not want to buy clothespins from wood, so just buy plastic, but there are holes so you can put a rope in them.

    The next day after breakfast, I went to his hotel, which was only 25 meters from my hotel. I asked the madam at the reception and said that Milla’s office is close to GM, and she said sarcastically (GM will probably never notice).


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