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    Question: We have always been looking at a great program where I need to be able to protect holes around precast concrete structures via filling up with water. Will certainly
    Möbelfolie Betonoptik stick to a good very smooth concrete surface finish?

    Answer: If you were being to try to utilize a self adhesive film in concrete such as a good Glass Cosmetic self backing item, regardless of how smooth this finish, you would swear it had no limpet. Yet if you took the same move together with tried it in cup, it would stick attractively. Part of what we take advantage of along with glass protection is the particular ionic nature of cup.

    For your personal project, a very much more ambitious limpet would be needed. This is dependent upon how smooth the concrete floor being covered is, and even whether or not the idea has been sealed. We still have had quite a few customers make use of one involving our products to pay definite while they are re-surfacing asphalt parking lots. That is frankly about this only experience we have now having covering concrete, mainly because all of us normally advise towards it. The product or service that is made use of is a 6 mil film with an adhesive system called 479. This is very aggressive as exterior safeguard films go, nevertheless this is certainly typically needed to be able to adhere to cement, and even then the concrete floor should be pretty smooth or it is stick on well ample to support its very own fat.

    The idea is important to be aware of how long the film could well be in place. Exterior protection films must become applied to cured surfaces in temperatures reasonably close to room temp for the backing programs to "wet out" properly. In chillier environments, quite a several of our consumers warm the rolls, in addition to say they work well about colder surfaces.

    Microscopically talking, concrete has a very open porous system, and even that often holds pretty some sort of bit of moisture. Humidity is the adversary of backing systems involving the types attached to surface area protection films. A water-based adhesive system is dicey until the water will be eliminated, then it turns into sticky. When water is definitely present it can re-hydrate the adhesive system to some degree, and cause not simply this loss of aprobacion, nevertheless can also result in adhesive deposit transfer. If the surface defense movie is left about concrete for a great expanded interval of time, adhesive deposits copy gets to be more in addition to more likely. The only applications where we have acquired reports of it being used effectively are with regard to days, not several weeks or even months.

    If the concrete is sealed, then the particular film adheres much less complicated, along with the chances of issues are reduced drastically. The moment the film is effectively adhered to sealed definite, it will normally stay adhered, also during inclement weather.


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