Making a Difference: Life Coaching

What is the secret to success, happiness and true love? Is there even a single secret or it’s more of a potpourri of secrets?

Nobody can really answer these questions, hence Canadians rush by the thousands to see life coaches. Whatever your goal is, there is a life coach to help you reach it.

Helena Liu, 24, describes her life when she finished college with a bachelor’s degree in commerce in hand. She describes overwhelming feelings of self-doubt, anxiety and uncertainty. Sounds familiar?

Many young people are in the same position – finishing college leaves them disoriented and unsure on what to do next. Even when they reach 30s and 40s, the sense of dread remains along with a single nagging question: “What is the purpose of my life?”

Canadian coaching industry generated an estimated $1 billion in 2014. US coaching market shows similar numbers, with the overall yearly growth rate of 8%. It’s no wonder, since you can find a coach for anything, from ADHD to relationships.

Guy Reichard, a life coach from Toronto, explains that the main reason is that coaching is no longer a taboo. He also adds that shows such as Oprah encourage sharing personal information with complete strangers.

Krista Roesler, another Toronto life coach, says that every demographic is interested in being coached, even teenagers. Older people and retirees come as well and they sometimes want to get over their grief or emotional trauma.

For Liu, the sole purpose of coaching is to find financial success and overcome her fears.

Even though the average cost for a life coach is $150 per hour, Liu is happy about it. She says that life coaching helped her become more confident and increased her overall level of happiness.

For Guy Reichard, the secret to happiness isn’t one single thing and you don’t have to be rich, young or healthy to be happy. Becoming happy is an emotional and mental process during which we realize how easy it is to be happy.

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