ICF Board Approves Changes to Code of Ethics, Mission & Vision Statements

Following the ICF Global Board of Directors’ June 2015 meeting and strategic planning session, ICF has adopted a revised Code of Ethics and updated vision and mission statement.

Ethics Updates
Every three years, ICF undertakes a process to review the Code of Ethics and ensure that it addresses changes within the coaching industry, reflects evolving processes and remains relevant to ICF Members and Credential-holders. The ICF Code Review Team convened in April 2014; it was led by Susan Braverman, PCC (USA), and consisted of coaches from around the globe.

The revisions to the Code of Ethics reflect a shift away from the view of coaching ethics as right or wrong and toward an understanding of ethics as the concepts and principles directing coaches’ behavior. With this evolution in the foreground, the ICF Code Review Team recommended a set of revisions intended to transform the Code of Ethics from a document prescribing what not to do to a document highlighting how to be as an ICF Member and/or Credential-holder.

The revised Code of Ethics also includes new provisions that address the other roles professional coaches may play (e.g., coach trainer, mentor coach, coaching supervisor) and that offer a new ethical standard for internal coach practitioners.

Read the revised ICF Code of Ethics here.

Vision and Mission
In March 2015, the ICF Global Board adopted a policy providing for periodic review of ICF’s vision and mission statements and core values at the start of each strategic planning cycle. As ICF’s strategic planning cycle had already begun in January, the Board agreed to conduct the review in June 2015. The Board approached these statements, which represent the core philosophy of the ICF, from the standpoint of simplifying the language rather than changing the spirit of these statements.

ICF Global’s revised vision statement is: “Coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.”

ICF Global’s revised mission statement is: “ICF exists to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession.”

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