Professional Coach Certification Program- Summer 2019

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Participants will emerge from the WLCI Coaching Certification Program with:

  • a firm understanding of the objectives of coaching and the role and responsibilities of the coach
  • greater self-awareness and the ability to engage more fully with clients
  • the ability to guide clients through the challenging and rewarding process of personal development and encourage clients to maximize their potential
  • skills and tools to engage in powerful conversations with their clients

List of Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Coaching
  • Module 2: Establishing the Coaching Relationship
  • Module 3: Co-Creating the Coaching Relationship
  • Module 4: The Coaching Conversation
  • Module 5: The Coaching Conversation (Advanced)
  • Module 6: Facilitating Learning
  • Module 7: Getting Results
  • Module 8: Business Essentials-Getting Started as a Coach

Number of hours of student contact time:Students will benefit from a total of 64 hours of in-person instruction spread over one 2-day intensive weekend and seven 1-day intensive weekends(Sunday)

Weekend sessions (Sunday) will be organized twice per month for 3 1/2 months.

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