Wellness Coach (CWC)

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Wellness coaching is a dynamic process that leads towards healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The concept of wellness coaching involves positive changes in behavior with an aim to achieve maximum success in life. The target is accomplished by replacing unhealthy habits with those that are healthy and constructive and are necessary for making a life balanced and peaceful.
The desired transformation takes place when coaches apply their knowledge and skills in a precise and accurate manner and help their clients utilize their strengths and energy in the right direction. For a wellness coach solid guidance and proper training is imperative. The Wales Life Coaching Institute will facilitate you with what you need to become a competent wellness coach. Our course is designed to improve your skills and to make you fully aware of the techniques currently used in the field of wellness coaching. Many of those techniques that are used in wellness coaching are taken from other interrelated subjects such as human psychology, behavioral science and life coaching itself.
Wellness coaching program is client oriented which will train you to meet the expectations of your clients. After the completion of program you will be able to assist your clients accomplishing their objectives related to their mental and physical health and well being and also help them find the joy and happiness they are looking for.
The sustainable changes are made through gradual and constant support and motivation. As a wellness coach, you are responsible to encourage your clients for adopting a healthy lifestyle and also to maintain it. Your job is to prevent them from straying, help them making healthy choices and work with them until they achieved their desired goals. The end result will be good mental and physical health which is insured by balancing a number of aspects related to lifestyle such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress and anger and also by incorporating healthy habits.
The schedules of our wellness coaching course are flexible and you can adjust timings according to your convenience. You can take your coaching course either live in-person or through various online means such as webinar or teleconference. The choice will be yours and you can choose whatever suits you best. After completing your wellness coaching program, you will find a number of career opportunities. You can start up your own wellness coaching business and help your clients improve their living standards by teaching them how they can effectively manage their lives or you can write inspirational books or become a motivational speaker.

The wellness coaching course will offer:

    • A clear nderstanding of the broad concept of wellness coaching and its dimensions
    • In-depth information about physical, spiritual and mental aspects related to a person’s well being
    • Comprehensive knowledge about different strategies used in wellness coaching and how and where to apply them keeping in mind the diverse personality and needs
    • Stepwise framework for behavior change and its implementation
    • How to form an effective collaboration with clients and helping them establish their goals and crafting a step by step plan of action


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