Certified Life Coach (CLC)

Life coaching, also known as personal coaching is a broad concept that encompasses limitless issues related to life. Based on solution-oriented approach, life coaching is aimed to improve the quality of life. It provides people a confidence to face difficult situations and empowers them to make better decisions.
Life coaching can be used to address both personal and professional issues. Some of the main issues include self discovery, realization of abilities and establishment of priorities. Then a plan of action is devised and some concrete steps are taken to actually achieve these priorities. Life coaching does not mean taking orders and following them blindly, it is a collaborative effort where both coach and client work on a issue, set a target for themselves and strive together to accomplish it. The effort continues until the target is achieved or at least some signs of improvement are visible. Life coaching has a long lasting impact. It does not fade away with time and the benefits of life coaching can be reaped even after the collaboration ends.

What are the main characteristics of life coaching?

Life coaching is about bringing out the best in people, helping them discover their personalities and making him realize what they are capable of.
Life coaching is proactive and focuses on forward motion. It makes a person realize what can be done next time around instead of what you have done in the past.
Life coaching is not limited to a single profession or a specific group of people. It deals with the people of varying backgrounds, perspectives and situations.
Life coaching is an ongoing process. The things that are learned during this period more often than not remain intact throughout the life.
From complex professional issues to emotional setbacks, life coaching can provide guidance on any issue connected to the life.
Life coaching can not bring changes in a flash. Transformation takes place gradually through the consistent approach and collective efforts of both client and coach.

What can a life coach do for people?

A life coach can bring positive changes in personality and can help people improve their habits and lifestyle.
A life coach enhances the skills of an individual and teaches how these skills can be utilized to their maximum potential.
A life coach motives people to pursue their dreams and also help them turning their dreams into reality.
Making better decisions is not always too easy. Life coach equips a person with tools that are required to improve decision making ability.
Life coach is a person who guides people through the difficult situations and also teaches them what kind of technique and approach should be used in a certain situation.
Life coaching is a booming industry and can be considered as a source of income. If you want to become a life coach and have a desire to help others reach their goals, Wales Life Coach Certification will give you what you need to be successful. Earn your coaching credential and start your career as a life coach.


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