Business Coach (CBC)

Certified Business Coach (CBC)
Setting up a business and running it successfully is a hard work indeed. The whole process requires extensive knowledge, dedication, committed and skillful staff and above all a person, who can guide them, keep them motivated and prepare them to achieve their collective goals. These days the role of the guide is mostly performed by a business coach.
The role of a business coach can not be defined in a single sentence. It is quite diverse and can vary from one organization to another. First and foremost, a business coach can help people launch their own businesses. Starting a business is difficult. It’s not like having a great idea in the mind and thinking yourself ready for start-up. There are many things that need to be considered before starting a business. Market research, market opportunity, costs and legal complications are few of them. A business coach can help first time entrepreneurs deal with all these aspects rather quickly and in an efficient manner.
Getting through first few years is even more difficult. The figures based on a survey suggest that approximately 543,000 new businesses are launched every month and many of them struggle to survive in the initial period. Lack of knowledge, inexperience, vague concepts and inability to handle different situations can crash a business within the first few years. A business coach can help navigate business challenges, provide solutions to both anticipated and unanticipated problems and can take business to a level where it is expected to be.
The role of a business coach inside an organization is also very important. A business coach can be a part of strategic committee, assists in developing strategic plans and overall policy, can offer recommendations to implement these plans and also help in executing them through practical efforts. Business coaches can be assigned to work with employees for their moral support and lift. Every now and again employees need some encouragement to keep their sprits high and to work with more dedication and it has a direct effect on their work performance and productivity. While working with employees, coaches can take a closer look at their abilities, figure out where they lack and help them overcome their shortcomings.
A coach can improve the overall environment of a workplace. If workplace is perpetually disorganized, employees lack professionalism and do not cooperate with each other as much as they should be, then business coach can work on their communication skills, develop coordination between them and make them work as a unit.
Due to their effectiveness, business coaches are indispensible for every organizational setup. Surveys conducted to measure the effectiveness of business coaches suggest that overall organizations are satisfied with the expertise of business coaches and about 70% do not let them go even in the economic downturn. This indicates how important business coaching is as a profession and for becoming a credible business coach, it is necessary to have a credential. A business coach credential not only enhances credibility but it will make a professional skilled and knowledgeable and trains him to meet every challenge ahead.


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